“We live locally and there are a number of vets available, but we are extremely pleased and loyal to Dr. GRAY. I’ve never visited the clinic without proper care and advice. The staff are caring and assist in all kinds of ways, including financial. Dr. Gray is thorough with both dogs and cats; we have a thick file. Got a new puppy coming and will consider no one but Dr. Gray. Thanks Guys for all the good care in the past and look forward to the next visit.”


“Dr. Gray tells it like it is. Knowledgeable caring staff. Small town work ethics and pricing.”


“Gray Vet Services is the best vet in the area. My pets are my furbabies, and I’m very picky about their care. I have 5 dogs and 3 cats, and they are all under Dr. Gray’s care. I have also had three pets go to heaven due to old age, and Dr. Gray, Christa and Courtney were super compassionate and kind. Christa, Courtney and Chad are very knowledgeable, professional and extremely kind. They treat your pets as their own. You won’t be sorry going to Dr. Gray. You can trust her and her entire staff.”


“We have used Dr. Gray several times over the years, but this recent experience with our great dane Piper has been the best! Courtney and Dr. Gray have been beyond helpful in such a horrible situation, I’m so happy to have such caring people helping me with my fur baby!”


“Caring and compassionate vet. The more I take my little dogs the better I like her and her staff. I lived in North East Plano for over 20 years and Gray Veterinary Services is better than what was available there.”


“Dr. Gray truly cares about your animals!! Its not a money pit place. Great value! Great people that care and love for your little babies!!! My lil guy gets so excited just asking him if he wants to go see Dr. Gray? You can feel good you can feel comfortable bringing your furry family members here. Also Courtney and Krista are the best tech’s ever!!! Always feel like I’m walking into family when I’m there. Everybody knows my lil guy (Titan) and crazy biting cat (Three) by name (mine too) and take care of them like they’re their babies and truly care about them!”


“….We had to put our pet down due to age and her staff was so wonderful to us and helping us with this. We came back to her with a new puppy and my husband was so taken by her staff for their kindness she is a part of our family and taking care of our pets. We look forward to working with her in the future. The staff is so great and their prices are good and not outrageous like most. We are very thankful for meeting her when we needed help. I hope to bring more patients…”


“Highly recommend Dr. Gray and her amazing staff! I took a puppy to them who had gotten sick from an unknown source and was literally about to die. They hospitalized him and saved his life. They didn’t require a huge deposit to treat him either. Today he’s back to his spunky self. Thank you Dr. Gray!!”


“My family has been taking our dogs hear for several years. Everyone is always super friendly, and you can tell they care about you and your fur baby. Since I can’t find a decent vet in my college town it looks like my kitty and I will be making a trip to see Dr.Gray. :)”


“I love them! They made my Bella better! Although she’s going to have to visit again, and maybe BoBo too!

The entire staff is so caring, attentive to your pet and so compassionate…that is truly key in that business…I ALWAYS APPRECIATE THOSE QUALITIES when it comes to my babies!

Thanks to all of you at Grey’s Veterinary Animal Hospital!!”


“The vet and all the helpers are very nice and caring for all pets coming in.”


“Very caring, easy to work with & main focus isn’t on making money–no price gouging loves the animals.”


“Excellent. Friendly staff, great Vet, and you don’t have to take out a loan to get your pet treated. Worth the 45 minute drive from Lewisville to get my 16 year old mini dachsund vet treatment. Just wish I had known about this place sooner.”